Why You Required An Investment Method

By John Sage Melbourne

All markets show the expectations of the market participants in action to present market conditions and expected market advancements.

Individuals tend to be normally greedy when they believe the rate will increase. On the other hand,they can rapidly become controlled by worry and panic when they think that prices will fall. Human nature in this respect is the exact same in all investment markets all over the world.

All investment has a component of speculation and all speculation need to in turn be based upon premeditated computation. There are various classifications of market participants:

• The trader who deals with the time frame of a few days or weeks
• The speculator who deals with the time frame of a few weeks to less than a year and
• The financier who deals with a timespan of several years or more.

All market participants need to be prepared to take a contrary position to the market when the crowd moves the market above or listed below its true value.

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Each individual should keep a clear head,without emotional action.Your essential tool is a logical objective method on which to make sound investment decisions.

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